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We all need to be part of a community.

The integration of the technological tools into our life, have left many people feeling lonely and detached from their society. This feeling is natural, as we detach ourselves from our communities. The need to part of something exist since the begging of our evolution. It is impossible to determine if this behavior is a requirement of our specie or an habit that root in our society with our evolution. In both of the cases, the conclusion is the same. We need to be part of a community to feel better, safer and more relevant.

The development of the last decades, has left many of us alone. The integration of the internet, the smartphone, the creation of mega cities and the blend of cultures in our neighborhood, had pushed many people to develop chronicle loneliness. In many ways, this behavior is a natural process, as we are losing our identify as nations, as city and as individuals. The rise of consumerism that promote the idea that we should all be unique and special, do not promote any positive aspects in the subject. Oppositely, it deliberately detached one from his peers by convincing him he should prove constantly that he is different.


In the life of many, an individual pass the majority of his time alone. Alone in his car, in the train, in front of his computer, in front of his television and alone in his home. The amount of free time available to many is very limited due to the lifestyle of a big city, which doesn’t help the situation. Moreover, the habit of sitting in front of a screen will many time bring a person to spend the little free time that he have in isolation. Social skills require practice as our confidence require reinforcement. A long period of isolation, will develop in many people mind an lack of self confidence in real life and will cut them from accessing channels in which they can reach to communities that fit their interest.

The detachment of individual from their environment have also a lot to do with the political agenda of our days. It is promoted and maintained by the feeling of danger and terror which is constantly presented in the media. Such  a feeling have a name. It is called “the mean world Syndrome” – It is a phenomenon whereby violence related content of mass media makes viewer believe that the world is more dangerous than it actually is.

This isolation is comfortable for our government and the cooperation of our days for many reasons. It makes us weaker, more obedient and more ignorant. It allow the politician to promote their self interest and hold power, while it give the tools needed to the cooperation’s to continue to extract our time for their profit. One of the main tool humanity had for protecting itself was its strong community and its capacity to group. Without it, we are single unites that can not resist the big mechanism. I believe, this is the main reason many people today feels that they do not have the power to create a change. They feel to lonely and to small in this world.

We need to be part of a community. It promotes all the positive things we need. Personal health, creativity, it gives us a feeling we are part of something and can give us a purpose. On a social scale, it give us the power to resist the movements of the world and allow us to fight back when we feel something is wrong. We are a social being, it is  part of what makes us humans.


Community need to be created. Their location and activities should be promoted to allow awareness and access to everyone. We need real places, in which people meet, interact and play. We need to create them and engage people to join. This is a first step in the creation of a better world.

It is normal that many will be suspicious or reluctant at first, as they forgot how important it is. Many others, are just to afraid to try. Many ways exist for the creation of such communities. They differ based on the place, culture and interest. Nevertheless, they are extremely important. Share with me your ideas about how to promote this subject and help me create communities that promote the well being of their neighborhoods. Only we have to power to create for ourselves a better future and only together we can make it happened.

Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.

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