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Blue Planet Season 2 – A documentary worth watching

Blue Planet is an amazingly well done documentary, promoting awareness to one of the most important subjects of our days. it is a 2017 British nature documentary series on marine life produced by the BBC Natural History Unit. Like its predecessor, The Blue Planet (2001), it is narrated and presented by naturalist Sir David Attenborough, while the main music score was composed by Hans Zimmer.

Blue Planet season 2

In the recent decade, many documentaries have been done on many subjects. Not a lot have catch my attention in such a way. The show is made amazingly well. There is something about the rhythm of the show and the way they managed to pass such an important massage, that I find unique and meaningful, separating this specific Documentary from others.

The TV show has promote extreme and meaningful awareness the the subject of Plastic wast and its effect on our nature. Following the release of the show, dozens of MPs in the UK have signed a motion that congratulates Sir David Attenborough for highlighting the issue of plastic pollution in the oceans. Michael Gove, the environment secretary, said he was “haunted” by the footage and pledged action to tackle plastic pollution. This week the United Nations announced plans for a global taskforce to avoid “ocean Armageddon”.

In addition to the piqued interest in plastics recycling, Hitwise noted a hike in interest in and engagement with environmental nonprofit organizations, particularly the Marine Conservation Society, which saw a 169 percent jump in visits to its website. The number of people searching for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) increased 51 percent either side of the first episode of “Blue Planet II,” and there was a 35 percent increase in visits to the Plastic Oceans Foundation.

I recommend deeply to take the time to watch this documentary. It is important not only for your personal awareness, it is crucial for the sake of our planet.

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