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Book review: “The internet of money” By by Andreas Antonopoulos

My favorite quotes:

“Bitcoin isn’t a digital currency. It’s a cryptocurrency. It’s a network-centric money. I really like the idea of a network-centric money. A network that allows you to replace trust in institutions, trust in hierarchies, with trust on the network. The network acting as a massively diffuse arbiter of truth, resolving any disagreements about transactions and security in a way where no one has control.”

“There are 2 billion people who have no bank accounts at all. There are another 4 billion people who have very limited access to banking. Banking without international currencies, banking without international markets, banking without liquidity. Bitcoin isn’t about the 1 billion. Bitcoin is all about the other 6 1/2. The people who are currently cut off from international banking. What do you think happens when you suddenly are able to turn a simple text-messaging phone in the middle of a rural area in Nigeria, connected to a solar panel, into a bank terminal?”

“This isn’t about nation-states anymore. This isn’t about who adopts bitcoin first or who adopts cryptocurrencies first, because the internet is adopting cryptocurrencies, and the internet is the world’s largest economy. It is the first transnational economy, and it needs a transnational currency.”

Rate: 8/10

The internet of money

Cryptocurrency is becoming part of our reality. It is still in its early stage of adaptation. Like any new technology, it can be divided to real life application and the actual innovation behind it. I’m part of the crypto community for quite a while. I find it fascinating and challenging. Back in the days, starting to understand what this revolution is all about, was extremely complicated. (I have no relation to computing). after all, as any new extremely innovating. Today, as blockchain is entering every aspect of our lives, it is a great moment for any person to start getting into it. At least understand it better.

In his book Andreas Antonopoulos, manage to do the impossible. In a 123 pages he manage to explain in simple world what is standing behind bitcoin and block chain. He does it in simple worlds, with funny and light analogies that make such a complicated subject look almost to easy to grasp. He have a certain repetitive pattern, which I found a bit exhausting. but I believe that if it is the first time you approach the subject it will be a necessity.
I truly recommend this book to any person that want to learn more about the technology behind bitcoin and the future application it can bring us. For those of you that are already deep into it and did not read it (Which I find hard to believe), This short book can only deepen your understanding and potentially give you a different perspective on the industry.

If you are searching to buy this book click on the link below:

The Internet of Money

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