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Constructive education – Critical thinking

Critical thinking is the key to create a better education. The concept of Constructive education has been developed broadly in my blog. It is one of the most important subject that need to be address by our society, if we are searching the create a better future for our children’s. In the end of it, there is two factors that will allow our next generation to bring our society to prosperity – a good socio economic system and personal capacity. Addressing those two subject separately is important and urgent, as I believe our current society is  in a general crisis that put this vision in danger.

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In this post I would like to address what I think lay in the core of any education system that is searching to give the right tool to our current children’s. In the bottom line it is called critical thinking. When speaking with people about my thoughts in the subject, this subject looked obvious to many. Nevertheless, it is not implemented in our current system. As we are evolving to be a technological multi culture society, our capacity to evaluate our source of information and its legitimacy diminish. Moreover, as politic becomes driven by self interest and cooperation’s are aggressively educating us to idol consumerism, the need for critical thinking is more important than ever.

So what are exactly the criteria of critical thinking? In my personal opinion it can be easily define as followed:

  • The capacity to evaluate information based on a self standard.
  • the capacity to not take for granted any information as it is.
  • The capacity to admit ignorance.
  • The capacity to doubt and ask for more information in front of any authority.
  • The capacity to be self aware of one self and its effect on his surroundings.
  • The capacity to get critics from others.
  • The capacity to take responsibility on actions and mistakes.

Some will say that a population of kids with critical thinking will create chaos, as they will ask more questions than what we can answer on. I believe it is exactly the opposite. The fact that we cannot answer on some questions or feel uncomfortable to tackle some issues is one of the main reason our society is in such a degraded stage. Questions as “why the world doesn’t make sense?”, “Why our politician are not serving their people?”, Why are we paying so much tax and getting so little in return?” “Why are we paying tax to cover a national debt created by banks and cooperation’s?” and so on are exactly the question that need to be tackled if we are searching to create prosperity.

critical thinking

There is something magical about children’s. they want to know more and they dare to ask. It is us that are unwilling to feel uncomfortable in our ignorance that are taking from them the tools they need to build themselves a better future. Many adult people can feel quite uncomfortable facing children’s that are more knowledgeable and capable than themselves. Nevertheless, our shame should not be inflicted on their future.

Critical thinking is the basic of Constructive education. It is the philosophical approach that will create strong foundation and will allow our children’s to flourish. Understanding this principal and its consequences is the guideline that lead me to write and evolve the concept of constructive education. As I mentioned in my previous posts in the subject. Seeds of constructive education start to appear everywhere. It is a positive movement that requires a mass adoption, which will allow it to dictate our new standard. Education is one of the main responsibilities we hold as adult and parents toward our young generation. It is time to stop educating our children’s based on our fears, ignorance and concerns and start establishing an education that is built based on our straight, knowledge and belief in future prosperity.

If we want our children’s to be better than us, we need to show them they can and give them the tools for it. As our awareness becomes global and our communities growth, new opportunities arise. Humanity is standing in a time and place in history that allow us to evolve to places we could never dream of before. It is our next generation that will determine the direction we will decide to walk to. It is our responsibility today to give them the tools to prosper tomorrow.

Share you thought with me in the comment section and express your opinion. Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.

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Conversation about Value – Did we lost our capacity to create value?

In a world in which money evolve to be our main mean of survival, a deep conversation about value is needed. As it separate the rich from the poor, the successful from their peers and affect directly the future possibilities of any individuals. Looking on any western society will bring any kid to the conclusion that our current society work an a strange set of principals when it comes to valuation. One of the main reason for that is that the current concept of value and its measurement is in the realm of the abstraction, detached from its original concept. I believe that the majority of the people cannot explain to a 10 years old kid, why an Iphone cost more than a monthly rent, why a shirt can cost more than a meal and why hard work do not give you enough money to live well. unfortunately, there is some good reasons for that.

It is visible that in a world in which money dominate our existence, the fact that it is by itself and abstract tool has created a complicated mechanism that can be misunderstood. After all, if the purpose of money is to give value to real objects while by itself it is no longer exist in a materialistic form, a practical gap can be created separating the  tool of valuation from its original purpose. Moreover, if our abstract money give value to solid objects (as food, housing, cloths etc), while the same money give value to abstract concept (As time, intellectual properties, future value etc), it is normal that a confusion and lack of clarity will be created.

Conversation about value

As we are living from one economical crisis to another, while our currency lose its value on a yearly basis. The capacity of an individual to maintain a reasonable life by working becomes harder each year. This is something that we all feel and we are all well aware of. This evolution of money affect many aspect of our lives. Many people do not make children’s as they do not manage to maintain themselves economically, the capacity of a person to socialize diminish as he/she are missing the free time and The capacity of people to take an active part in their politics diminishes as they lack the time and peacefulness to understand it. Money which used to be a form a reward and tool to give real value to work and capacity, became the main obstacle for a decent life for the majority of the people on earth.

While it is true that one of the main reasons for the lack of money in our current society is partly due to the way our current socio economic system is build (For more information about this subject Click here), I truly believe that the fundamental problem of our current situation is coming from our lack of capacity to understand the ideas and reasons behind value. Due to that, I’m certain that if we are searching to understand better our economy and aiming to create a better future, a deep conversation about value is required.

It is value, that determine our wage, the cost of commodities around us and the services we use. As money become abstract and nations have debts measured in Billions and Trillions, it is not surprising that we lost the capacity to understand what value is all about. This is a mental stage that make us weak in front of our employers, governments and cooperation’s. By understanding why something worth this price we will be able to see if it is to expensive. and only after we can evaluate the prices of our commodities we will be able to evaluate our time, which is our salaries. It is not an easy subject, but it is not complicated one. In my next posts, I will go deeper into this subject. Hopefully, it will give to some of us some clarity and will help us create a better society.

Share you thought with me in the comment section and express your opinion. Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.

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