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Questions about human nature

This text is taken out of my recent book, “Back to Ourselves”:

People who believe humans are naturally bad will find evidence everywhere, just as someone who believes everyone is good will find as much proof. When the two extremes of a philosophical argument are proven to be true, we can conclude that the reality is somewhere in the middle. What, then, is the solution for our question of human nature? To start, we can conclude that we don’t possess a common nature to the point of generalizing humanity. We all share some traits which are beyond our control, but those traits also exist in other mammals, which makes them a natural behavior of mammals and not humans.

We can also safely assume that the majority of the humans have some common traits that guide them. Humans build their beliefs mainly based on their education, societies, and personal perspective. The use of terms like ‘human nature’ is dangerous and misleading as it fixes a set of beliefs in the individual’s mind that represents a segment of reality. Moreover, this categorization of humanity creates an assumption that impose ignorance on individuals when looking in on themselves, their neighbors, and the world.

Throughout history, we can find acts that stem selfishness and self-interest. The interesting thing about those cases is that they normally refer to a minority of individuals and not society as a whole. Humans are unpredictable and don’t have the capacity to predict the behavior others. A moment of self-reflection will reveal moments and actions in an individual’s life that surprise them, and moments in which their closest friends’ actions surprise them. This doesn’t mean that we don’t possess general guidelines in our lives. It just means that sometimes, we act based on different values. In the end, life is very dynamic and constantly changing.

There will always be a minority who act against the “common good.” These people hold a different set of beliefs, and should be always considered as such. As we are entering a new “global era,” it’s important to understand that we are as similar as we are different. As we’ll see in this chapter, the unification of humanity under one sets of values isn’t required for the creation a better world. Instead, we must accept humans regardless of their differences and similarities, their belief in the majority of humans create a better future, and their willingness to oppress and ignore the minorities that try to separate us with violence and fear.

We’re all part of this planet, and we’re all sometimes good and sometimes bad. The majority of people on this planet prefer to live peacefully in their homes and raise families while belonging to a constructive society, knowing they’re part of something bigger than themselves. We are all indeed part of something bigger than ourselves; it is called humanity. For better or worse, this is what we have. We can choose to actively be part of it or ignore it, living in our small isolated islands that we call our life. Doing so won’t change the fact that we’re all in it together, and only together will we manage to create a better future for ourselves, our kids, and our planet.


Share you thought with me in the comment section and express your opinion. Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.

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Why do we all hate bureaucracy?

Why do we all hate bureaucracy? Many of you never really took the time to think about it, as bureaucracy became such a constant part of our lives. Nevertheless, we all have some reluctance to handle paper work and would prefer not to handle with lawyer and accounted’s. It is not by mistake, in the reality the all concept of bureaucracy in not natural and with its evolution has become a burden that no one really one to take on itself. Let me explain myself a bit better.

The invention of bureaucracy has some elements of productivity. In its basic form, it help greatly the capacity to monitor big data. Interestingly enough, the first written language known to us are scripts related to inventory and logistics. Without a doubt, the capacity to write down information give us some great benefits. The first has to do with the fact that we do not have to remember it, which allow us to collect more information and the second have to do with visualization of the information. It can be said as well that bureaucracy allows us to pass data faster and in a more efficient way. Looking on bureaucracy in that manner, will bring us very quickly to understand that only thank to bureaucracy we managed to evolve to where we are today and keep some order in it. In this form, bureaucracy is indeed a tool that promote productivity and efficiency.

From the other side, this is only one part of our current bureaucracy. It is even safe to say that in our current system, this kind of bureaucracy is mainly automated by machines and do not in the majority of the cases requires any human intervention. (the fields in which this is not the case, will be upgraded soon by new system or by the blockchain technology). If you ask some random people what is bureaucracy, their ideas about it will be very far from what I wrote about. How comes? Because bureaucracy has evolved way beyond it original purpose. Today, bureaucracy is directly connected to lawyers, banks and accountant’s. (or all the field that normal people hate to come in contact with and do not fully understand).

I personally find it fascinating and terrible. It is clearly a sign that something went wrong somewhere. How come a tool that was suppose to facilitate our lives became a tool that make us confused, stress and angry? Well, it is because this tool has become a mean to control us. Let me explain myself. In our current system, the mechanical structure of bureaucracy is build from the first place in such a complicated manner, that it is impossible to start to understand it without dedicating yourself fully to it. Moreover, this system is constantly updating itself and changing, which promise that if you don’t keep yourself constantly dedicated to it, your knowledge can become irrelevant. It is in many ways a “Catch 22” or a labyrinth that is constantly building itself while you are running inside of it. It is not productive, not constructive and do not benefit the normal average people.

Why do we all hate bureaucracy

So why we are still using it? The answer is very simple. this mechanism of control became so strong and rooted in our society that we became to weak to fight it. It can be seen from two different aspects. The first is that unreasonably big amount of people creates their income by working in a bureaucratic field. That promise that they will not only advocate for it but fight to keep us in this cycle of misery. Secondly, the rest of us are bound to be weak in front of our own system as we do not fully understand it and cannot handle with it without spending our income for someone else to to it for us, which makes us poor.

Today, it is almost impossible to win a court case without a layer. It is highly complicated to handle taxes without an accounted. Our system is built in a manner that ones need a bank account to maintain his life (In the western society, many places do not accept cash any more) and insurances became a requirement of local governments.

I personally find it absurd. Many people argue at that point that if we will stop this system there will be chaos an crazy unemployment. If find those arguments irrelevant, as I believe that argument that come for fear from change regardless of the clear knowledge of the destructive reality, is one of the main cause for the biggest tragedies of humanity. Life is never really complicated, it is us that do not like the answers we have that creates the complications.

Share you thought with me in the comment section and express your opinion. Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.

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