Time- What is it all about

The connection between time and freedom – Part 2. Why do we need free time?

We all need free time for ourselves. It is important for the process of learning, self-evaluation and peacefulness. Free time is fundamental for any individual growth and personal cultivation. Free time can be considered as a moment in which a person is not required to do anything or be anywhere. (The term “Free” time is amusing by itself. We will talk about it more when we arrive to talk about employment, income and its relation to time and freedom.)

Sleep has been proven to be a positive and required factor for learning. It has been showed, that a good sleep (in full cycles) is reinforcing the neurological path in our brain, allowing us to remember better what we learn during the day. sleep  have been connected to the capacity of a person to concentrate and maintain self control.  For having the time to sleep enough, the first thing that a person need, is the time to actually do it.

we need free time

Our mental capacity is our virtue and our enemy. I’m sure that every person is familiar in his own life with the feeling of stress. Stress in the majority of the cases, have a direct connection to the concept of time in the individual mind. To be more accurate, the only reason a person can feel stress, is because of the notion that he does not have enough time to accomplish the task he has in mind.

This mental occupation is fascinating, as it is by itself the reason we are missing time and peacefulness in many occasions. When a person feel stress, his brain and heart start working faster, which creates a rush of blood in his system. This situation bring a person to enter a mode called “fight or Flight”, that is making him lose the most important tool he have as a human – the capacity to think clearly and evaluate his position.

Moreover, if a person is constantly occupied in things he has to do, it will promise that he will not have the time neither to reflect his actions, nor to develop new skills. I witness in many occasions, how the small amount of free time a person had has been “wasted” thinking about what need to be done in the future and what have not been done yet. It is fascinating to see, as it can be said that in these cases, the over occupation of what need to be done, bring a person to do less.

It is a simple logic that is easy to understand. I’ve been working with people for many years, helping them to find a center and confidence in their life. This experience has brought me to notice that when people feel they do not have time they lose their capacity to do simple task they once knew. This is a clear cycle of misery, as the incapability to do simple task his damaging the self-esteem, which create more stress and so on. Freedom is reflected many times as our capacity to choose what to do. For making decision time is required. Moreover, if we are constantly occupied in what we have to do, what choices are we actually doing?

we need free time

In recent articles I have read about successful people, I found in common one thing with all of them. They are all making sure they have a lot of free time. They are using this free time to read, think, rest, do a verity of diverse activities that allow them to be sharper in their job and take the time to build a social life (which we all need).

The thought that time is a privilege, is looking on the reality upside down. Making sure a person has his free time is what will promote his well-being, not the opposite. It is a personal responsibility to maintain free time. I will go even further and claim, that in the age of technology and globalization it is the most important task a person can have – Managing to create himself free time in which the individual is not occupied neither in work, television phone or other obligation.

Peacefulness come from understanding, healthy family cells growth out of shared happy experiences and for allowing ourselves to learn we require some good quality sleep. If we will not learn how to control our time, time will finish by controlling us. It is inevitable. I help many people creating an healthier rooting, which brought them happiness, peacefulness and achievements. I will be happy to help you to.

What do you think about it? do you have enough free time? Are you controlling the time, or is time that controls you?

Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better world.

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The negative aspects of overthinking

Even if known by many, the negative aspects of overthinking is ignored in the practical life. Doubt is an interesting concept. It is extremely important to practice doubts , it give us the capacity to evaluate the reality we are living in. From the other side, it is one of the most dangerous threats to our self-esteem. I have been raised in a western culture, in which I’ve been explained that if I cannot explain something it is probably wrong, or even worth, only in my head. This kind of thinking is attached to the evolution of the scholar philosophy of the western culture, in which everything need to be proved, calculable and explained.

To maintain a healthy social order, it is important that a certain line will be created between fiction and reality. But taking this philosophy into extreme practice, is dangerous as any extreme. Life and the universe are working without the need to explain itself, it just works. Humans are not so different, the majority of our activities are done without our need to think, control or explain it. We are breathing, moving seeing, waking up, falling asleep and digesting automatically. Remarkably, action that in the first place require awareness and concentrated, pass to the category of non conscious after a basic mastery is achieved. Good examples for it will be driving, cleaning, playing motor games, riding bikes, walking, talking a new language etc.


Almost everything we are doing in our life is kind of automatic and do not requires our thought or awareness. It is working extremely good by itself. In many cases, the moment we start thinking about things, is the moment the problem starts. Countless time in my life, I have witness it on myself. coming to think about it, the only moment in which life requires from one to be aware of the automatic actions is normally when things are malfunctioning.

The human mind is fascinating and complicated. Our thought and mind are very powerful. We can think about things we never saw and be concerned of things that never really happened. One does not require the proof of researches to know, that over thinking can create the problem from the first place or make a small problem become bigger. In fact, it is safe to say that the majority of the problems an individual living in the west started in his own mind and not oppositely.

Over thinking is a disease. It takes away all of our free time and creativity.There is many things in the life we already know but cannot explain, as we never have the need to explain it. The moment we try, is the moment it becomes complicated.


Our need to explain everything and find “a source” or “a part to blame” comes for our educational system. It is based on our need to control everything around us and find logic in our own existence. My grandmother always told me, “it is important to understand the unknown, but dangerous to be over occupied if no answers exist”.

An education that teach the population to believe they cannot and do not understand the majority of what is going around them, is making them weak, confused and depressed. Each one of us is doing find without thinking about it to much. Mistakes will be done, failure will appear and many questions will not be answers. Overthinking never works, if you know the answer from the first place, you have it. If you cannot explain something, it doesn’t mean you don’t know how to do it.

We need to believe in ourselves and our intuition, it is how we managed to survive for thousands of years. Overthinking is a habit. As such, it is us that decide to practice it and maintain it as part of our life. How long have you spent over thinking in your life? Did overthinking ever made you miserable?

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Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.