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Constructive education – Part 6. Self Education

Self education is important as much as the education given in classrooms. The ideas behind “constructive education” are all coming from the idea, that education should give to the young generation the best tools available to succeed in life. The questions regarding what is success is fundamental. In my personal opinion, success is a combination of a social and professional capacity that promotes the well being of the individual and its society during his mature life.  

The educational system of now days, is concentrated in teaching informative material and creating a discipline of learning due to demands. The frame created by the schools should be preserved. It promotes social interaction between kids and teach a general knowledge required for the future. Those aspect are important for the sake of the social development of any individual and the promotion of a basic general knowledge required to all.

From the other side, this kind of education lack a very important aspect. The capacity of a person to learn by himself and evolve based on his willingness. This capacity can be called “self education”. Following the period of school, an individual is required to constantly learn new things and enlarge his own knowledge. this requirement will determine the capacity of the individual to become professional in his field. Additionally, it will give him the capacity to understand better what is going on around him. Which will promote his activism in his society.


The capacity to learn by yourself is crucial and require practice. The distinction between learning in a classroom and learning by yourself is needed, as those are two different field and practices. Similarly to the education is a class room, the promotion of self education need to be promoted and maintained by both parents and teachers. 

The technological developments of the last decades, gives to the young generation tools that did not existed previously. It allow individuals to access information freely and rapidly. Moreover, it allow a personalized rhythm of learning and development based on self interest. I do not believe a bad choice exist, when self educating yourself. Any field – Painting, playing music, reading, signing etc. Is good as long as persistence and self development exist.

To convince a young person to learn what he likes, is not complicated. He just need to be exposed to the right platform and having the time to evolve. To support such a development, the role of parents and educators is to show support, reward on improvement , encouragement and promoting persistence. It is not important if the kid decide to change his field of interest. as long as he practice self education, a new skill is developing.

Giving this tool to our young generation, is crucial for their self development and the creation of a better society. The lack of interest of our current society in its state, the incapability of many to inquire new skills in the middle of their life and the lack of social engagement are all part of the lack of self education. Self education need to be part of any constructive education. As the society is a sum of its individual – By creating stronger individual, we will start creating a better society.

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