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Constructive Education – Part 3. What is a Depressive Education

The opposite of a “constructive education” is called “Depressive education”. In many conversation I had with people and from many posts I read around, it is safe to say that the majority of the people in the west understand that something is wrong in the education of these days. Many are trying to find simple answers to complicated questions and are satisfy with explaining themselves that the problem is connected specifically to the institution, the teacher quality, the size of the classes or the program itself. To be honest, I believe the problem is deeper and more serious.

All the causes written above, are symptoms of an old and sick philosophy. Which is no more relevant to our society, the future we are trying to build and the values we try to promote. This educational institution, cannot be called a constructive education. It do not promote the values the young generation need for the sake of creating a better future and do not give them the tools needed to handle with the complicated reality we call life. In the book I published called “Back to Ourselves”, a long conversation is done in the subject.

In my last posts, I mainly talked about the ideas of constructive education. To understand the fundamental ideas of an healthy education, we must make a distinction between the two kinds of education. We’ll call the two methods “constructive education” and “depressive education”. The concept of Constructive education, is the subject of all the rest of the posts. For now, let’s concentrate in the definition of what I call “Depressive education”.

“Depressive education” gives an individual the “absolute” and “unquestionable” truth, rather than tools to learn and question. In other words, depressive education teaches individuals what to think, not how to think.

A depressive education, will lead individuals to believe there’s only one reality and one truth. It dictates, that this logic should be applied, spread and reinforced on different populations. By teaching younger generations how things are and not how things should be done, we’re taking away their ability to think, create, and survive. A long period of depressive education will inevitably make society to view different opinions and qualities as negative, while believing that only the majority opinion can be right. This promotes fear and leads to separation between people and their neighbors, peers, and society as a whole.

Based on this definition, we can easily observe that today’s modern system is mainly depressive. Modern education preaches fear of strange and/or different opinions, materialism, self-concentration, social judgment, and reinforces an existing set of beliefs. It also ignores the growing paradoxes shown by day-to-day reality.

Depressive education - How to create a better world

The young generation in the West holds onto a philosophy of fear and terror, creating concern about humanity’s ability to create a better future for our children. My personal belief is, that a depressive education controls the Western world, and makes the younger generation feel that the rest of the world is less capable and advanced that Western society. In any standard this is not an education that promote a better future or one we should actively or passively support.

Please share with me your opinion. Open conversation and awareness are the main tools we have to stat a healthy social change.

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