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Europe – A different kind of empire

Europe which used to symbol progress, freedom and globalization, has become a continent in regression. As the world is changing, some nations are progressing while some don’t. It is a natural process. Countries that are less advanced, will progress with the time toward the current dominant society. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the strong and progressed society to continue to evolve as the time pass. It can be observed in the history of humans, that empires that stopped evolving had finished by being replaced by a population that used to be less advanced previously. This process was natural as the majority of the empire’s used to dominate other population in a less favorable manner. This pushed local population to evolve as domination was a “0 sum game” – The winner takes it all. This was the standard, which made sense in a general nationalist totalitarian structure.

The rise of the European Empire started 500 years ago. Already from its first days this empire had some different aspect than the majority of the empires that arise previously. It was not a single entity empire, but a multi entity one. To make it simple, the majority of the empires has risen from a single source. The Roman empire centered in Rome with one leader. the Persian empire, mongol empire and all the rest of the previous empire were similar in structure. Europe was different, it was an empire rising from many local entities. There were all located in Europe, many different entities were raising of the conquer of the unknown world.

By itself it is a details that makes a big difference. The constant competition and the need to progress was a factor that was one of the fundamental of this expansion. In many ways, I came to believe that the reason that the European empire has manage to emerge and control for the long the rest of the world, is the constant competition in the continent and the need the exceed the others that pushed this progress. Moreover, The fact that many different leaders were leading this quest has created a more flexible mechanism of expansion. Not only different perspective and techniques were used to the conquer and maintenance of the European empire simultaneously, but in case on entity started to fail, its neighbor entity would take over. Leaving the local population no chance to resist.

different kind of empire

Looking at the facts, Europe has created the biggest empire ever established in human history in terms of size. Looking on it retrospectively, it can be said that it had the biggest impact of the world population. To make it simple, from the point of view of language adaptation, it is easy to see how the conquer and integration of the European empire affected enormously every population it touches. In 2018, Spanish, English and French are by far the most spoken languages used by the world population originating from in Europe. (It is true that Chinese is Hindu are widely spoken, but these languages originated in the land of the local population). This is one of the many factors that shows the power of expansion of the western empire.

The idea of supremacy of the European people on the rest of the world is very old. Ignoring the racism and megalomania involved, as any other empire, the purpose of the western empire was based on spreading the western philosophy and unifying the world under one rule. This idea is not new, it existed in the majority of the empires. Nevertheless, the European empire is the first one in human history that has managed to bring us to a point in which it is actually possible. Many factors had pushed this outcome – The industrial revolution, the fall of totalitarian ruling and the creation of democracies, the technological revolution and the weakening on Christianity separating it from power.

It is true that the European empire has enslaved, massacred, rubbed and raped the majority of the land and population they had touched. Nevertheless, only thanks to its rise, humanity has marched toward the first possible real globalization. This statement is not belittling the horror, just pointing out the reality as it is. The world is still far from achieving full globalization and the atrocities of the Western empire should not be ignored. But after all, if we are searching to arrive to a real prosperity that will benefit the world population, stop wars, hunger and racism, globalization is the perfect way to do it.

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