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Freedom of speech in a virtual world – The “Crypto Kirby” case

In an era in which we are getting the majority of our information online. It is now more important than ever to make sure that the freedom of speech is kept in our virtual world. Not to long ago, we all witnessed the public charade about our privacy on social network. Even if it can be said that the hearing of Mark Zuckerberg was more of a shameful event for the congress that a real demonstration of democracy. It did promote awareness to the subject and created a certain kind of constructive conversation around the world.

From the other side, the subject of our privacy online is only one out of a few topics that I find that are important to address when approaching the topic of the cooperation’s power on our virtual reality. The primary purpose of the internet is to allow its users to share information on a global scale. Its integration into the mass market truly changed our lives. It gave humanity the option to share, connect and spread information around the world, creating a new era with less boundaries, and more global social awareness. unfortunately, this ideas are more a philosophical wish than a practical reality.

Freedom of speech in a virtual world

It is true that we indeed posses all of those possibilities, it is just not in our hands to decide what information we will reach and if our perspective will be able to go online. It is known and accepted that cooperation’s as google, amazon facebook etc are customizing the search results and commercials we are getting exposed to. Sometimes they explain us it as a necessity to keep their platforms free and some other times they present it as an efficient tool to optimize the platform to our needs. Ignoring the anti democratic (equality of opportunity) aspect of it, The majority of the people accept it, as they actually find it comfortable or because they don’t really care.

Giving priority to a certain content is one thing, erasing or deleting content is another. As you may already understood from my previous posts, I’m a great blockchain technology enthusiastic. I believe it integration into our system is a necessity if we are searching to create a better world and a disruptive practicality that will take over every field of our new global society. As any other new technology, it opposed the current power house and threaten their monopoly as it strip them from their centralized power on our existence.

As part of my constant research in the development of the Blokchain world and the cryptocurrency market, I enjoy deeply listing to a few intelligent and educated people that are honestly sharing their knowledge in the field for the sake of doing so. One of them is a channel called “Crypto Kirby”. This person, is sharing his knowledge, perspective and thoughts about the market, its sentiments and its investments FOR FREE every day for a long period now. His broadcasts has never been offending, violent or promoting anti governmental agendas. He speaks honestly, truly and directly to people that are willing to hear a different perspective about crypto currency and the blockchain market.

Freedom of speech in a virtual world

Two days ago, Youtube closed his channel. Without any convincing explanation or any previous notice. Just like that. because he was speaking his truth. When he tried to understand why it happened, a number of automated email has been sent to him as part of the complicated bureaucratic mechanism of any big cooperation that do not want to answer simple question.
I believe that deprivating the public from knowledge and different perspectives is part of a tyrannical behavior used by our government and now cooperation for the sake of keeping us weak and separated from each other. It is by blocking our capacity to be exposed to different kind of information, they take from us the capacity to think freely and express ourselves. This is a real violation of our freedom of speech and our freedom to access information.
This topic is serious as it represent an anti democratic behavior. I find it as important as the topic of our privacy. The virtual world became our main channel of information. If we are searching to evolve on a global scale and promote a better prosperous future, this monopoly of information need to be fought and stop. Please help me share this thought. Only awareness and open conversation will allow us to tackle this subject and solve this issue.

If you are searching to find Crypto kirby online you can (for now) find him in the following links:



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