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Back to ourselves, is what we are looking for!

My book name is called “Back to ourselves”. As part of my traveling and business operation around Europe, I got the change to see many different cultures and societies. Each country has showed me a unique piece, in the passel we are calling Globalization. The economical crisis’s and the political usability of the recent years, has served me as an amazing case study helping me understand better the world we are living in. I came to understand that the majority of the people in the world, are too busy fighting on maintaining a decent life. Which make them lack the time to study and understand the system they are living in. So, I wrote a book that will allow any interested person to understand what’s going on around him.

Hopefully, this book will promote the creation of a better world. I truly believe we, the people, have the capacity to make such a positive change. My book and my blog a dedicated to the creation of a social movement that will promote an active constructive social change. So, what the book is all about?

The world is changing fast. The innovations and progress available to humanity can be seen in any field or industry  around us. Globalization is no longer a futuristic idea. It is a reality that is taking shape and is becoming part of our life. But, what about us, how can we find ourselves in that new circumstances.

  • Why do we work too hard and get back too little?
  • When did we lost control on our society and our governing system?
  • Why we all feel something is wrong but cannot find the words to articulate our problems?
  • Can we create a better future for our children?

Simple answers exist, if one holds the right tools to understand the problems. To create a real change, a global collaboration is needed to implement the right solution. It is in our power the change the world and shape it in our vision. One that will all humanity. Unity and knowledge are our foundation, which are now available to all if one is willing to search for it. Be part of the world and start to understand it.

Strong societies require strong individuals