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Constructive education – Part 7. Seeds of constructive education

Seeds of constructive education exist around the world. The majority of our current education system is old, not relevant to the needs of our children’s and do not take in account the new available technology. The world has changed drastically in the last 50 years. It is the time to understand that the educational system need to change as well. It is the only way we can make sure our young generation are getting tools that will to promote their well being and lead our society to a better future.

In my recent posts about education, I developed a deep and long conversation about the the concept of “constructive education” and its benefits Vs the disastrous effect of our current “Depressive Education“. In many conversation I had with people in the subject, I’ve been explained that practical example have to be given to encourage a change in the rest of the system. Happily, it exists and have been proven as working well.

In this post, I will present only a part of these possible developments in some remarkable institutions. This is only a small step done, representing a variety of possible upgrades possible for the creation of better educational platforms.

Lets start with an inspiring conversation done in TEDxTucson by George Land regrading The Failure Of Success done by our current educational system:

This conversation has reinforce my believe in the need to develop, spread and implement the concept of “Constructive education” into every educational system around the world as soon as possible. Let pass to inspiring institutions.

Tokyo Kindergarten Fuji located in the Tachikawa :


Ørestad High School in Copenhagen, Denmark:

The Montessori School concepts:

The future of our culture, society and children’s is in our hands. It is our responsibility to make sure the education given today is relevant and constructive. Looking on the majority of the public schools and the general philosophy leading them, is demonstrating how far we are from giving to our young generation the tools they need. 

As I mentioned previously, I believe it is our responsibility to actively promote a countable change in the educational system around the world. Alone we cannot make such a change. We need to group, communicate and share ideas that will force our local governments to take serious actions in the subject.

Did you got inspired? What is your opinion in the subject?

Join my blog today. Help me Share this idea and promote the ideas standing behind Constructive education.

Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.




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