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Start Signing petitions today – You can change the world

Start signing petitions on a weekly basic, is a fantastic way to actively create a better world. It is true that for a single person that do not want to engage himself to much in changing the world, not many real possibility exist. Petition is by far one of the available solutions. Living in the a big city, can make individuals feel small and unimportant. I heard it from many people I spoke with about changing the world. Here is a way to start making the difference.

With the development of the mega cities and the global platform, the world problems has become abstract for many people. This recent developments has positioned governments, banks and our justice system far and detached from the population they need to serve. Many of us lives with the feeling something is wrong and would probably like to do something about it. But due to the lack of available tools, the majority of the people just accept on themselves the reality. This acceptance by the people have a name, It is called “Learned helplessness“.

Petition makes the difference. Especially if they are managed by serious organisations. It is true that many of them do not bring to a big change. But they are giving the power needed for the fighting people and prove that we actually care. There is something extraordinary in following the petition you singed. It give satisfaction and makes you feel you are part of something bigger than yourself. Something we all need.

Start signing petitions

If people will start signing 3 petition a week, the world will probably start looking better. Not only because of the positive feeling It gives in the morning. Which can bring to many the energy they are missing when waking up. but because if more activism will be done in the subject, it will give the right organisation more power. Which will probably make the self interest cooperation’s and politicians think a bit more, before acting against the people they suppose to serve.

People in this world actually care. They want to change the world and they need your help. It is free, very comfortable and take only a few moment. Start signing petition today.

Many petition made a real difference, I’m personally engaged in signing petition in the following websites: – Actual petition that worked by this organisation. Corporations stop funding anti-gay discrimination. Teen magazines stop Photoshopping models. Beef industry ditches pink slime. Cell phone companies take on domestic violence

Amnesty International – This organisation is changing the world and making the difference on a global scale.

This is only a small list out of many options of endless organisation that need your help. Now that you know you can help, you just need to start. 1 Petition is better than 0. a small help is always better than non. Take actions today.

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Awareness and open conversation, are the key for the creation of a better world.

Start signing petitions


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