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National debts, the real problem of the average person. Part 2 – How does it affect me?

How does national debt affect you as an average person? Lets take the time to understand it, as I believe it is a fundamental question that need to be understood. It is fascinating for me to encounter many people, that are well aware of this issue, take it as an abstract fact and chose to ignore its practical consequences. National debts are one of the main reason for the lack of income, stability and prosperity on a social and personal scale. To understand why we will need to address the topic straight forward. The only way a government can get the funds needed to pay its debt is by collecting taxes. The logic behind taxes is quite simple, More taxes exist less money is left for its citizens. Lets put on the table some practical examples:

  • The increase in income tax have a direct affect on how much an individual is actually earning for his work. (more taxes= less income)
  • Increase of income taxes diminish the amount of employees small and medium businesses can employ. (more taxes= more unemployment)
  • The increase of sales tax affect directly the price of the commodities we buy on a daily basic, affecting the prices of all the products on the market. (more sales tax= less food in the supermarket basket for the same price).
  • The increase in sales tax increase the cost of basic services. (more sales tax= the price of gas, water and electricity are higher).
  • The increase in import tax, increase the price of products imported to local market. (in this case increasing sales tax and import tax is doubling the increase in the price).

Before we continue this conversation,  it is important for me to clarify an important point. The conclusion of this post is not that taxes should not exist. They are a necessity to maintain an healthy communal and public system. The problem is the amount of taxes that are taken and what they are used for. At this point another conclusion can be logically understood – more  tax money is used for paying this national debt, less budget exist for health, education and public services. This services are the core institutions that maintain a prosper society and gives roots the a better future.

How does national debt affect me

The absurdity in all of this is that instead of stopping this cycle of misery, governments are continually rising taxes, making the people poorer, decreasing the state of local education, health services and pensions without even having a solution in mind. In the way I see it, it is like we are all riding a manual train that requires all of us to work hard for gaining speed. We all know the train is going straight forward into a wall, but we continue to work harder and increasing its speed. All this time explaining ourselves that since we never saw the wall maybe in the end it doesn’t really exist.

The conclusion is very simple.

  • This national debt issue is one of the biggest burden on the majority of the western countries.
  • The majority of the western country in the world do not have the capacity to pay back this debt.
  • These countries are  ignoring this situation, by finding momentary solution in the form of increasing taxes.
  • These taxes are one of the biggest burden on normal citizens, as it makes them work more, earn less and spending more on less products.
  • These burden is blocking any path to prosperity of the individual in their lives and their society as a whole.

Hopefully, part of you start to understand why the subject of national debt is so relevant, urgent as important to handle with. Understanding is the first step toward finding a solution. In my next post we will discuss, why governments are comfortable with leaving this dangerous status quo and what can we (as citizens) can do to start fixing this problem. 

Share you thought with me in comment and express your opinion. Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.

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The free help cycle – easy task with big reward

How nice it is to get free help randomly? it can change your day. Life in the 21st century is demanding and can bring many people to over self concentration and self isolation from what’s going on around them. It is almost automatic. The demanding tight schedule that many people are living in and the constant attachment to our phones has brought many people to chronically ignore what’s going on around them. Moreover, living in a massive city can create feeling of detachment from the living population around you as a whole as it is to big and to diverted to handle with.

To be honest, seating in a main street of a big city and studying the people around can be an endless full time occupation, as so many different people are passing and constant change is happening. With all that said, the reaction of most of the people to that reality is to develop a small cycle of closed people which create the individual social cycle. All the rest of humanity and its life become somehow irrelevant to ones life. It is natural, energy saving and a mentally comfortable behavior.

Nevertheless, it is an extreme. This behavior is creating a mass detachment from the society itself. It creates small connection unites that are moving in the same space without interacting with each other. This mental stage is also negative in some aspects, as it inevitably develop in any individual mind a feeling of loneliness and detachment fro the society itself. It is important for me to mentioned, that this kind of social psychology is natural and normal. It is part of the side effect of our evolution into the reality we are living in those days.

Back to the title. can you remember a day in which you needed help with something and a random person came and helped you FOR FREE! it was not a big task and it didn’t took a lot of time, but what a nice feeling it gave you. If you cannot remember such a case, this topic is not less relevant for you.There is something magical in such acts of kindness. It is a win win that can give a good feeling that can stay with you for the all day. More importantly, it is a pure act of positive socialism and a demonstration of caring for the sake of it. In the reality, we could all use some random help sometimes and we all have this 1-5 minutes of giving it to someone else.

help each other

The free help cycle motive is very simple. every day, try to help a random person at least once for free and with a smile. It can be an old person that need it, a homeless, a sad person (sometime a smile and a hug is enough), a kid, a pregnant woman, a lost guy or any person that looks like it needed really. As we all need some help sometime, I’m sure that if you start been aware of it many opportunities will come. Why should you from the first place? what good does it do?

First of all you are helping someone else, meaning you’re making another person happier. We need this kind of behavior in our current society. We are so detached from each other that we forgot how simple it is to help for the sake of it. Secondly, it is extremely rewarding. Helping somebody else is feeling you with a good feeling that boost your energy, your happiness and can even give you a small boost your self esteem. You will be amazed from the reaction and thankfulness of people. And who knows, you can even make new friends in this way.

This cycle of helping is benefiting everyone, the individual that get helped, the helper and the society as a whole. Helping without asking nothing back is not a waste of time it is a door to the creation of a better life and better society for free. If this idea is spread and demonstrated in action, even people that do not help other normally will automatically start doing so. It is a natural psychological process.  Try it and see for yourself (it rake at least 3 weeks to actually try it seriously)

Share you thought with me in the comment section and express your opinion. Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.

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