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Constructive Education – Part 2. What does it promotes?

In this post, I will continue to evolve the concept of “constructive education”. This subject is one of the most important aspect for creating a better future. As the Western society in the 21st century evolved attached to values of materialism, the need to own personal belongings for the sake of a self-image, became an inseparable aspect of young generations. It can be observed in the pursuit of self-fulfillment and the need for control based on ownership. This ownership mania can be reflected in the need to own fashion item, cars and properties. The claim of properties as our own is a false conceptional illusion, bringing only misery and separation.

If the purpose of humans is to promote peace and prosperity. It is important to remove those falls conceptional ideas from the mind of the young generation. The need and claim of proprietorship by the human race, is partly or in many cases wholly, the cause of all disturbance of peace on earth. Without any doubt, an individual should be able to identify a place as his home. But in any case, should not fine in pride or a reason to pursue the destruction for others.

We are all coming from nature and sharing earth. A livable earth is one of our basic requirements as any other living organism on this planet. Enough land and resources exist to maintain not only the human race. We have enough to maintain all its plans and animals as a whole. With the growing global awareness and the recent technological development, it is possible today to maintain a constructive ecological system. Such a system should benefit all the living on earth, without the need to corrupt the land and the nature.

Ignorant and so called civilized person are claiming proprietary right on the communal properties of nature, because they have detached themselves from the nature and its inhabitant. Praising values of materialism do not reflect in any manner riches of a person, just his detachment from where he came from.  It is impossible to find neither happiness nor peacefulness detached from our source, which is nature. The enrichment and comfort achieved in the price of the enslavement of the rest of the population, is a symptom of a general behavior. Which slowly but surely destroy the nature around us and diminish the number of species and animal on the planet.

We are all part of earth and its ecological system. Ignoring it will undoubtedly bring to the destruction of our civilization, our lands and our humanity. This fundamental idea must be in the roots of any educational system. As it affects the dreams, actions and decision making of our future generations.

To get a broader understating on the subject, join the conversation and read the first post in the subject of “Constructive education” and follow the next one.

Share with me your thoughts in the subject. Awareness and healthy conversation are the foundation for a better society!

Constructive education will take bring a better world
Time to take action toward a better education
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The connection between time and freedom – Part 1. Introduction

There is a direct connection between time and freedom. In the life we are living at the 21st century, the technological developments and the cultural routine has change the way we live. It brought many to live a life, in which the main occupation of an individual is based on a monotonic and repetitive cruel daily routine.

For most of us, the routing goes as followed. We are waking up around the same hour every day, going to work and taking a lunch. Coming back to our home, handling with some previous obligations and making some home assignment. Eating dinner and finishing the day in front of the television for the sake of letting our head rest.

For a small amount of people, this routine is enjoyable and satisfying. But for the majority of the people, after a short period of repetition, a deep feeling of exhaustiveness , boredom and even a small feeling of depression is starting to be felt. It is true to say, that life is a cycle. The days and night are cycling together with the seasons and with our need to sleep, eat and drink. But somehow, those do not affect us mentally as the daily repetition of our working habits.

Without any doubts, routines are healthy and allow us to feel secure. It allow us to plan forward and believe in the stability of a long lasting life. In the reality, our life are a roller coaster, which makes our life interesting and exciting. Without it, we will just live a linear life which is not worth living.

The connection between time and freedom
So how come some routines make us happy and some miserable? As it looks to me, it is all connected to the individual perceptive of time. Time, counted in hours, minutes and seconds is a dangerous concept if taken to seriously. It absorbs our mental freedom, chain us to a master that dictate our existence as it fix us in time. To make it simple, by accepting the concept of time, we become bound to a subconscious understanding of how much have past and how much we still have to go.

In the book I will publish next month called “Back to Ourselves”, I’m developing a conversation about how dangerous is to put to much important into details. Without any doubt, the time as we perceive it, fall under this category. The fascinating thing with time, is that after a short period of adaptation it becomes a fundamental instrument of our unconscious. An example for it, is our capacity to decide to wake up in a certain time, and then by magic we wake up in that specific moment.

I will write a series of post on the subject, in which I will develop the idea of the chain of time, show the direct connection between time and money in our society and the dangerous effects it have on our freedom. In this early stage of our conversation, it is important to understand that the tool of time, is an invention made by the end of the day, the a world that is counted in minutes and hours exist only in our head. As such, it create stress only when adopted by an individual.

Time, have a direct connection to how we perceive ourselves, earn our income and plan ahead. It’s in many cases, a reason for stress and depression if seen in the wrong way.

Please share with me your opinion. Open conversation and awareness are the foundation for the creation of a better future.