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Book Review : The Dawn of Eurasia by Bruno Maçães

My favorite Quotes:

“Finally, power is not power if it is not exercised and the greatest power  must be exercised against the greatest opposition, the greatest threat the political order”

“…History is a human, not a natural phenomenon, demanding that we abandon some possibilities and create new one through acts of political choice.”

Rate: 8/10

book review - The dawn of Eurasia

In his 258 pages book, “The dawn of Eurasia” Bruno Maçães is giving to his reader a beautiful mix of history, a different politics perspective and a personal experience.  Even if written partly as a personal journey, the information and awareness promoted touch probably one of the most important subjects of our days – The recent evolution of globalization and the  balance between the forces moving it.

As a western reader, I enjoyed deeply the different perspective presented in this book. It open my eyes and helped me understand better the forces shaping our world. The reference to recent events (2015-2017) and the political perspective presented has made this book enjoyable and relevant for me. I’m personally intrigued and concern by the development of globalization and the capacity of Europe to stay relevant in it, which made this book very valuable to my personal knowledge and education.

In some part of the book, The writer describe for many pages his personal experience in his personal journey in Asia, with touches of romanticism, which I found a bit exhausting and irrelevant to the promotion of the ideas and points of the book. Nevertheless, I’m fully aware to the fact that I’m a reader who is finding pleasure mainly in dry informative and fluent information.

People that are searching the read books about recent politics blend with a personal story, will find this book easy to read and more relevant that the majority of the political books written these days.

If you’re interested in learning more about the world recent developments and its possible impact on all of us, outside of the limited perspective of the western civilization, this is a wonderful book for you. I enjoyed reading it.

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The Dawn Of Eurasia




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Immigration – Part 2. Give back to Africa its freedom

It is time to give back to Africa. In my last post, I start to address the topic of immigration. It is without a doubt, one of the most important topic in the creation of our new global worldwide community. Addressing the topic with an open mind and understanding, are crucial for the creation of a better world. As I mentioned previously, it is important to remember during all our conversation that immigrants are people just like you. They are just originally from somewhere else and the normally come to be part of the local society for the sake of creating a better life for themselves and their family.

In this post, I would like to concentrate in immigration from Africa. I think it hold a lot of key issues that will help me pass my point. The life is the west is very comfortable. We enjoy, good houses, cars, phones, a variety of quality food in cheap prices, a variety of quality cloths, security, freedom and equality. The truth is, that a big part of these privileges are possible only thanks to the people of Africa.


It is not a secret that for hundreds of years now, the western civilization is extracting natural resources from Africa. We all know that it is done based on  a certain degree of enslaving the local population that are living in bad conditions and with constant danger to their lives. It is true that since the fall of the imperialism (which happened only 60 years ago), the direct role of the western authorities in the process of the enslavement of the local population diminish. Which do not make us less responsible.

Here are some hard truths about the reality of our days:

  • Without the constant extraction of natural resources and agriculture from Africa, the comfort of the life in the west will not be possible.
  • The only reason the west enjoy the law prices of commodities and lifestyle is because of the mass enslavement of the African people to those local industries.
  • These industries still exist in Africa only thanks to the funding and investment of the western (and Asian) companies.
  • Solution exist for the sake of changing the reality in Africa. It is just not profitable for the west.

In the reality, the west have impoverished the people of Africa in a long a constant process. The global structure of the 21st century is build in a way in which the western world is living as it does thanks to the African people. (a fact that is true for hundreds of years now).


The wish of the African people for a better life is natural and deserved. There is 2 possible solution for promoting such a reality – Creating a better life at his country or moving to another. This is a simple logic that can  be apply to any human population anywhere. In the case of Africa, due to decades of working under the imperialistic structure. It is very hard to impossible to create a better socio political structure in many countries that will lead to a better life for the local population, without the economical and political support of the rest of the western world. Not because they are incapable, but because the main cause for the existence of the system from the first place is the west.

People that truly would like to stop the immigration to their country, should concentrate in promoting the creation of a better life for the African in their countries. The solution and the available funds exist, it a matter of willingness and social activism. Until then, we owe to the African people our comfort and freedom. The minimum we can do, is accepting them in our countries and giving them the respect and opportunities, they allow us to have.

In my next post, I will explain why immigration is actually needed in the western country. Additionally, I will explain how the constant arrival of immigrant, is the only solution available for the sake of creating a better future.


Share with me your opinion. Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.

For a broader understanding about the subject of immigration, follow my posts in the subject.