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The vicious cycle of our new economy – Part 6. The final separation in our society

The final separation of our society between the rich and the rest of the population is at its final stage, promising a new status quo that we will be incapable of changing.  As we discussed in my previous posts, The system holding our economy is a very well understood mechanism built by our current elite to preserve its power. It is not a mistake or luck that bring the people in power to get richer, nor a misfortune or mistake that our local economy is collapsing, Leaving the majority of its citizens poor.

In this post, I will show you how the reality we are living in today is at one of its final steps, bringing us toward a general separation between the rich and the rest of the population. Such a separation will creating an economic barrier, preventing from the masses to control their fate (which is their freedom). To create such a separation a few steps had to be established first in the social order:

Following this steps has been established, a mechanism of complete separation will be created in a market, promising that the majority of the people will stay poor while continually and unconsciously “go to work” mind set will maintain the system. To fully understand how it works (Which is quite simple when you obtain the right perspective) lets group all the cooperation’s owner and all the employees to two groups.

Let’s take a specific person – Lets call him John –  in the group of the employees and observe his actions. John is waking up in the morning and is going to work in a cooperation (any big brand, company, supermarket, chain store, bank etc). In his employment the main purpose of his existence is to create profit for his boss (company). In return, John is getting a small part of this profit (called his salary) which is clearly to representing the actual value of his work (as extra profit exist for his boss).

the capitalist trap

When John finish his work, he will go to the supermarket spending his income in another cooperation, creating profit for the boss of the supermarket. Then, he will got a chain store to by clothes (another place where he will spend his little income for the profit of a cooperation boss). He will call his wife with his phone (another cooperation), check his balance in his bank account (another cooperation). As he do not have time, he will go to eat McDonald with his children’s (another one) and will finish to month by paying the rest of his money for taxes (unfortunately a body that start to function like another cooperation).

To make it simple, From the moment only cooperation’s and employees exists, a complete separation will be created between the masses (employees) and the elite (the riches). This new reality will promise that the the rich will get richer and the population will stay poor, without having the need to fight for it. The most interesting aspect of this mechanism is, that we will still consider such a society democratic, as it goes to elections and give the masses the possibility to choose in which cooperation they want to go to work in.

It is important to mention that this vicious system is not yet complete in the majority of the countries I’m familiar with. Which give me a personal hope regarding a possible change. If we (the people, the masses, the poor) will not demand a change, the path that we are walking to is clear. As a reminder, the rich are rich only because we allow it and maintain it never the opposite way.

Is this post makes you feel a bit uncomfortable? can you see this system building up around you? Share with me your thoughts and opinion.

Share you thought with me in comment and express your opinion. Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.

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