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We have the power to create a better world – it is now in our hands!

Only WE can create a better world! With the fall of nationalism and the slow, but sure rise of the international cooperation, It is safe to say that the creation of a global society is an inevitable process. The development of the global platform is already in advanced stages. As any other development, its potential positive outcome will be determined by the philosophy hold by its leaders. The international cooperation’s which are leading our society these days, cannot promote positive globalization as they pursue self interest and greediness. Due to that, it is crucial that an aware and educated movement will arise by from the people.

Democracy has proven itself to be a productive structure, that promote values of freedom and equality. It promotes the creation of opportunities and freedom for the masses, while spreading its power through all layers of society. Democracy is in its primary stage of evolution, it have a long way to go for the sake of reaching its full potential. As such, it is vulnerable at the moment to manipulations of the rich and powerful.

The elite of our days are taking advantage of our vulnerable system. The fortification of their cooperation’s has brought them to be stronger than laws and governments. to promise their survival, a system have been established that enrich them in the price of the freedom of the rest of us. Such a system, became the symbol of our society, which reflect their strength and our misery. These elite, is part of the leftover of an old system, trying to hold power as long as possible. Their existence is possible only thank to our cooperation.

We can create a better world
It is in our hands to make the change

Democracy is a remarkable system. It allows to spread authority and create opportunities for the willing and dreaming. The philosophy guiding such a system, promote values as transparency and equality. Which should guide and protect us in times of darkness.

We all know and agree that something is terribly wrong in our society. Our incapability to find good solutions, comes mainly from our incapability to fully articulate our problems. In my book “Back to Ourselves”, I’m trying to create a simple logic that will create a new perspective. Which hopefully will allow us to start solving these problems and take the first step toward a better future.

Change is a process. It requires time, movements and willingness to fail many time before achieving success. Small efforts bring to a big movement, as any failure bring us closer to a success. The system is complicated only in our mind and only in there, we are too weak and small to make a different. I truly believe each person on the planet wish to create a better, safer place for his children’s and family. Only by actively promoting peace, equality, true freedom and socialism we will be able to arrive to this wishful prosperity. Be part of the movement and join my journey.

We can create a better world - Back to ourselves

For the sake of creating a better world, I believe a change need take place. A change that will come from the people and will affect our society on a global scale. WE have the power to create this change. It is in our hands to free ourselves from the reign of the self interest elite. Only by promoting values of sharing, equality, peace and prosperity, an healthier structure can be promoted.

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better world

I believe in Humanity

Many people have called me naive, but I believe in humanity. As part of promoting the ideas and my writings, I take me time to actively engage people into conversations concerning our society and its future. Many times people has explained me, that there is no hope for people and humanity as we all have some “bad” inside of us or that we don’t care enough.

It is true that at this point of our history, it is easy to arrive to such conclusions. The news papers and the media are constantly bombing us with negative information, exposing the horror and down side of our kind. Politician are corrupted, cooperation and capitalists are pursuing their self interest and many bad actions do not get punished. All these are reflecting a social problem, not a human one.

Our society is degrading, losing its needed inspiration and its positive role models. Our education, lacking innovation and budget, is bent toward values of materialism and individualism imposed by the need of our dyeing economy. Without any doubts, our social values and communities are in desperate times. Nevertheless, it does not mean in any way that humans do not have the capacity and will to change and create a better future. We always had it within us and we always will.

Part of the process of evolution requires a natural process of trial and error. As part of this process, it is inevitable that some mistakes and bad turn will be made. It is only by admitting those mistake and correcting them, that we will be able to move forward toward a more positive course of evolution. As it looks these days, it is time to admit our mistakes.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I believe the majority of the people on this planet would prefer living in peace and prosperity with their families and the people they love around them. They just don’t know how similar their feeling are to the people around them. It is a complicated feeling of loneliness and lack of belief in our neighbors, that bring us to act as we do. We need to believe in our kind and in our neighbor, if we want to start to work on creating ourselves a better world.

The development of the last decades has change every aspect of the human existence. It is the first time we have the capacity to communicate and understand each other on a global scale. We have access to information and knowledge, needed to surpass the doctrine of power and separation promoted by the small group of self interest called our elite. There will always be a small group that will search to promote ignorance and fear by overusing violence and terror. Now that we can share a bigger awareness, it is time we stop letting these groups dictate how we see the world and start working and changing it for the better.

As I wrote in my book:

“There will always be a minority who act against the “common good.” These people hold a different set of beliefs, and should be always considered as such. As we are entering a new “global era,” it’s important to understand that we are as similar as we are different….”

“…The unification of humanity under one sets of values isn’t required for the creation a better world. Instead, we must accept humans regardless of their differences and similarities, their belief in the majority of humans create a better future, and their willingness to oppress and ignore the minorities that try to separate us with violence and fear. We’re all part of this planet, and we’re all sometimes good and sometimes bad. The majority of people on this planet prefer to live peacefully in their homes and raise families while belonging to a constructive society, knowing they’re part of something bigger than themselves. We are all indeed part of something bigger than ourselves; it is called humanity.”

I believe in humanity and I’m not naive. The seed of positive change lay in our willingness to believe in each other and fight to prove it every day. We have a long way to go. It is the knowledge that together we can create a better world that will give rise to the leader needed a this complicated time.

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