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Immigration –Part 3. immigration is a necessity in the West

The issue of immigration is seeing in the west as a problematic topic. Ignoring completely the fact that immigration is a necessity at the moment. The ignorance of the western population for its cause, is not a lack of knowledge. The main reason for it is misinformation promoted by the propaganda of politicians and the media. As I explain in my last posts, immigration is natural. The reason for the immigration of people from their home countries is in many cases is caused by the countries they are immigrating to. Moreover, The actual reasons for rise in unemployment and violence is the west, in unrelated to immigration in the majority of the cases.

The most fascinating thing about immigration.Is that regardless of the propaganda of politician against it. The west need a constant flow of immigration, for the sake of maintaining their countries population and the future of its nation. The main reason for it is the decline in the local population in the west, due to the decrease in the birth rate.

These trend of decrease of birth rate in western country is well known and documented. It is a fact that create a gap in the income of the government and create a complicated reality in the majority of the western countries, as they do not manage rise the funds needed to sponsor the growing older generation and pay their national debts.


There are several factors that trend. Such as lifestyle factors, an increase in sexually transmitted diseases, rise in obesity and environmental factors involved in urbanisation and urban lifestyle that are affecting fertility and have led to rise in male and female subfertility. In addition, there are socio-economic factors that have led to women and couples delaying having children. Lack of affordable housing, flexible and part-time career posts for women and affordable and publicly funded (free) child care have contributed to the current low fertility/birth rates. Couples/women are delaying starting a family which has led to a true decline in their fertility levels due to ovarian ageing and related reasons leading to reduced chance of conception.

There are two potential means of addressing the problem of providing a young productive workforce, able to generate income to provide the social care for the old and infirm. The first, is to find ways of increasing the birth rate by increasing the life income and securities of the local young population. As I explain previously, the majority of the western countries are already in a complicated economic situation. As it looks like, the capacity of any government to come with relevant solution is not available.

The second solution, is to encourage immigration which will come as a new workforce for the local market. The argument that claim that immigration from developing countries is not professional, is irrelevant when choosing to apply this solution. I believe it is relevant to mention that this belief is not true, as many immigrants are coming with a previous education and a profession.


In the short term, this solution allows the economy to maintain itself with additional cheap workforce, required in many field of any industry. This workforce is paying taxes and helping the system to survive. Moreover, in the long terms, the kids of these immigrant will have the opportunity to become a professional workforce as it is educated in the local country.

In the current economic structure and the decrease of birth rate in the western countries, immigration is required. The leaders of countries know it and allow it. Practically, outside of election campaigns immigration is promoted and done. Countries in Europe, Canada and the USA are actively promoting the arrival of immigration.

The distinction between the kind of immigrants is part of an old racist doctrine. Which do not fall in line with the values our democratic countries are supposed to believe in. There is no better immigrant as there is not better people. As I mentioned in my previous post and based on the information presented in this one. Not only that we owe to the population of the developed an opportunity to create for themselves and their children’s a better future. Moreover, moving people from a western country that have the same demographic issue as the second, do not promote a real solution for the long term.

The immigration issue and the way many people see it in the west, reflect a sick political institution and a racist ignorant population. If we are really searching to create a better world for our children’s, we should first of all look at ourselves in the mirror and start to take control and responsibility on our action and set of beliefs.

There is many other reasons for the need of immigration. Learn now and get a valuable opinion.

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Share with me your opinion. Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better world.

better world · immigration in a global world

Immigration – Part 1. A different perspective about immigrants

I truly believe a different perspective about immigrants is required. In the last years, immigration has been part of many political campaigns, used for the sake of creating fear and separation in the masses. It has been one of the major point in the last Italian election and has been part of daily news in the US following the latest comment of President Trump. immigration is one of the most important socio economic challenges of our days. As many other important issues, the ignorance demonstrated by the masses is mainly fueled by empty propaganda promoted by the media. Refelecting a very limited and twisted perspective of a complicated reality that require immediate attention and actions.

The massage of the media and politicians is clear, immigration is bad and need to be stopped immediately.  The word “immigration” has been connected to terms as violence, economic instability, loss of job for the local population, sexual abuse, poverty and deculturalisation. While all these issues are indeed part of the western countries problems, explaining to the people that immigration is the cause for it, is just wrong and dangerous as it is untrue.


It is indeed true that there are some immigrants that are taking part in violent acts and sexual abuse, but it is a minority of individuals out of a crowd of good people. In the reality, in each group of population there is always a minority that is problematic. Letting these few reflect the all group is wrong in any cases, immigrants or not.

The general propaganda that spread fear of the new and the different is not new. It has been used by the west for hundreds of years. It has been one of the major justifications for the majority of our recent wars, has been the leading philosophy of nationalism and has been part of the core reason for the Christian crusades. It is easy to hate what one does not understand and it is even easier to ignore what one does not like to see. Which does make the problem less relevant or the hatred more justified.

For the sake of addressing the subject of immigration fairly and seriously, there is a few points that are important to establish. We all know these points, but like to forget or ignore them:

  • Immigrants are people just like you. They are humans, with feelings, families, hopes and dreams.
  • The definition of immigration just refer to a specific person which used to live somewhere else.
  • The classification of a person as immigrant is based on political agreement, borders and the laws of the period. (in Europe, an Italian moving to Germany used to be called an immigrant before the creation of the European union. A Canadian moving to the US is not considered an immigrant. A person moving from New York to LA will not be consider an immigrant while a Mexican will).
  • These people who decide to migrate are in the majority of the cases, motivated people that wants to work and create themselves and their families a better life.
  • The reason for immigration in many cases, is based on a reality of war and starvation in the country of origin.


In my next post, I will talk specifically about immigration from Africa and the need of western  countries to bring immigrant for the sake of their survival. For now it is important to remember, Immigration is a topic attached to fear and hate, only due to ignorance and twisted propaganda. Open your mind to the reality around you before choosing to hate and fear what you don’t understand. It will make your life better and the world a better place.

Open your mind and join our movement.

Share with me your opinion in the subject. Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.