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We have the power to create a better world – it is now in our hands!

Only WE can create a better world! With the fall of nationalism and the slow, but sure rise of the international cooperation, It is safe to say that the creation of a global society is an inevitable process. The development of the global platform is already in advanced stages. As any other development, its potential positive outcome will be determined by the philosophy hold by its leaders. The international cooperation’s which are leading our society these days, cannot promote positive globalization as they pursue self interest and greediness. Due to that, it is crucial that an aware and educated movement will arise by from the people.

Democracy has proven itself to be a productive structure, that promote values of freedom and equality. It promotes the creation of opportunities and freedom for the masses, while spreading its power through all layers of society. Democracy is in its primary stage of evolution, it have a long way to go for the sake of reaching its full potential. As such, it is vulnerable at the moment to manipulations of the rich and powerful.

The elite of our days are taking advantage of our vulnerable system. The fortification of their cooperation’s has brought them to be stronger than laws and governments. to promise their survival, a system have been established that enrich them in the price of the freedom of the rest of us. Such a system, became the symbol of our society, which reflect their strength and our misery. These elite, is part of the leftover of an old system, trying to hold power as long as possible. Their existence is possible only thank to our cooperation.

We can create a better world
It is in our hands to make the change

Democracy is a remarkable system. It allows to spread authority and create opportunities for the willing and dreaming. The philosophy guiding such a system, promote values as transparency and equality. Which should guide and protect us in times of darkness.

We all know and agree that something is terribly wrong in our society. Our incapability to find good solutions, comes mainly from our incapability to fully articulate our problems. In my book “Back to Ourselves”, I’m trying to create a simple logic that will create a new perspective. Which hopefully will allow us to start solving these problems and take the first step toward a better future.

Change is a process. It requires time, movements and willingness to fail many time before achieving success. Small efforts bring to a big movement, as any failure bring us closer to a success. The system is complicated only in our mind and only in there, we are too weak and small to make a different. I truly believe each person on the planet wish to create a better, safer place for his children’s and family. Only by actively promoting peace, equality, true freedom and socialism we will be able to arrive to this wishful prosperity. Be part of the movement and join my journey.

We can create a better world - Back to ourselves

For the sake of creating a better world, I believe a change need take place. A change that will come from the people and will affect our society on a global scale. WE have the power to create this change. It is in our hands to free ourselves from the reign of the self interest elite. Only by promoting values of sharing, equality, peace and prosperity, an healthier structure can be promoted.

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Be part of a better future and share your thoughts. Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.

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National debts, the real problem of the average person. Part 3 -What can you do about it?

In my previous posts we start to understand the gravity of the national debt concept, but what can you do about it? In the reality, as an individual we have the capacity to group, promote awareness and be part of a social movement. In my book “Back to Ourselves” I dedicated a full chapter to the subject of the creation of social movements and how to promise a constructive a positive outcome. when addressing the subject of national debt, it is important to start by understanding what is the actual cause for this unhealthy status quo.

Since the majority of the debts are to other banks, countries and the world riches, it is easy to understand why this status quo is kept in this way. In the end of it, It is in their interest to keep the situation as it is. It promise that their power on the system will grow exponentially and their riches with it. In such a system, government, banks and the elite have to do nothing except pushing a system that makes everybody work harder for less. In case some unsatisfactory is coming from the side of the people, the usual “It is not us that create the problem, what do you want from us?” answer arise. In the reality, “why?” in not the right question if we are searching to find a solution to this problem. The right question should be HOW? How did we arrived to this point? How the local government is planing to solve it? and how this solution are going to benefit the country as a whole.

So, what can we do with this situation as citizens. It is quite simple, we need to demand a change. It require focus on the real problem and developing the capacity not to concentrated on the affects of the real cause. In the bottom line, the main problems of the western country is an economic one. This is the most important issue that we need to address. The solution for the majority of the economic problems of our age are connected directly to the national debt the country. It is simple as that. It affects our private life, the public sectors, the capacity of a nation to prosper and political decision that are taken on an international scale.

national debt

It is true that in many countries in the western society, politician are over paid and that the corruption is not helping the situation. But to be honest, those are just a secondary problems that need to be fixed on a political level and not an economical one (separate posts will be published in the subject.). We all know it but chose to ignore it, the incapability of a normal person the save money, the expensive (and constantly growing) cost of living and the degradation of local health, education and public sectors can all be directly connected to the burden of the national debt of the countries.

What is this change we need to ask for? We need to demand that the system will be changed completely or that valid solutions will be presented and actually implemented. If we are searching to create a better world, or at least one that will not be worst for most of us, this manner of operating the world economy need to be stopped and replaced immediately. The riches of the world is becoming richer while we are getting poorer. International cooperation’s are doing unimaginable profit while benefiting “Favorable tax agreements”. This riches and cooperation’s had and are making their income from the people themselves, The system as a whole is built on the willingness of the average people to continue to wake up in the morning and continue to feed the mechanism of poverty. it is time to demand this people and organisation to pay it back. This imprisonment of the masses is part of a looting machine that cannot continue if we are searching to achieve a better life and a social prosperity.

We need to understand where our problems come from, priorities our demands and make sure action are taken. Only by spreading this knowledge, creating an active conversation and actively demanding a change we will get out of this nonconstructive loop hole that no one is willing to take real responsibility.

Share you thought with me in comment and express your opinion. Awareness and  open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.

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