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The Danger of “Thinking Backward” and how it changed my life

The concept of “Thinking backward”, can be define as a way of thinking in which a person take practical decision based on his personal believes regarding the potential outcomes of a process. This way of thinking which is widely promoted in the west as the main decision making philosophy, is affecting almost all the decision made by individual in their daily life.

As any other way applied in the process of decision making, there is no doubt that in some cases this technique is  valuable and positive to optimize one actions. Nevertheless, holding this way of thinking as the only way of doing for all the cases, oppose many practical problems. It is true that understanding what are the potential outcome of an action before engaging in it can benefit the process of the decision maker. From the other side, deciding not to act if no good predicted results are visible, can be limiting and blocking many potential positive evolution.

The process of decision making is demanding and exhausting. Speculating the endless possibilities and outcome of a specific action, can consume a lot of energy and create quite a lot of anxiety in a person mind. The idea that without an understandable plan and calculated outcome the action of a person are chaotic, is preventing from many to enjoy the process of life and stop people from taking some paths that could potentially contribute enormously to themselves and their society.

The Danger of thinking backward

The danger of thinking this way is also creating a lack of flexibility to its users. Being overly concentrated in the wish to achieve a certain thing in a certain manner, make a person blind to the opportunities that arose in the middle of the process. Life is constantly changing, the amount of incalculable path and evolution of any action appearing in any process are endless. Many times, those surprising turn of event seeing as a complication can actually be a great opportunity if seen in the right manner.

Moreover, In many events in life a solution that is considered preferable or perfect to a certain situation do not exists. Thinking backward in such cases, can bring a person to decide not to take actions at all. Which will create a blockage in the flow of opportunities in the life of the individual. It is not to say that people should abandon the pragmatic way of thinking and start doing what ever cross their mind ignoring the potential outcomes. It just says that in case to many variable exist or not enough information is available, there is better solutions than just decide not to do nothing. This idea is not applicable only for individuals, it is valid as well in fields as politics and economy.

What other technique exist? How can we evaluate our chances differently? Well, it is quite simple.

In the majority of the cases, looking on what a person have and not on what he which he should have makes a big difference. Occupying yourself in what you which the world to be, is part of the habits we have as westerners. We imagine something and then try to fix the world to fit it.  Big visions and far target should be neither fixed neither extremely specific. Understanding in which direction you go do not require that you will know your destination. In it just a general guide line.

Thinking backward

I found out in my personal life that concentrating in understanding what I have and searching to do the best with it, has open for me many doors and exposed me to many opportunities I could miss, as I was to occupy with who I’m suppose to be and how I wish things to turn out.  I discovered that I was deciding not engage many activities because I was concern of losing something I never had. I was concern to fail without trying, concern to lose without playing and terrified of not achieving my “Potential”.

Thinking straightforward is a philosophy that believe only in being better than what you have been yesterday. Hoping to secede only what you actually tries, being concern that you didn’t try enough to take what the life offers and be concentrated in what the world is instead of what you want the world to be.

This way of thinking changed my life. Try it our and let me know how it affects yours.

Join me now and learn how to make your life and your society better. 


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