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Change is possible- It is a matter of how we decide to see the world.

Constructive Education – Part 1. Why do we need a Better Education

Constructive Education – Part 2. What does it promotes?

Constructive Education – Part 3. What is a Depressive Education

Constructive Education – Part 4. Main points of Constructive Education

Constructive Education – Part 5. The importance of teachers

Into the numbers – Teachers income Vs. market average income

Constructive education – Part 6. Self Education

Constructive education – Part 7. Seeds of constructive education


The vicious cycle of our new economy – Part 1. Introduction to our new economy

The vicious cycle of our new economy – Part 2. Why the rich get richer

The vicious cycle of our new economy – Part 3. Single Income model

The vicious cycle of our new economy – Part 4. The multiple income model

The gap between economic data and real life- A different retail perspective.

The vicious cycle of our new economy – Part 5. Equilibrium in a limited market

Society & Politics 

We have to power to save democracy – Why the closure of small businesses matters

We all need to be part of a community.

We have the power to create a better world – it is now in our hands!

Start Signing petitions today – You can change the world

Immigration – Part 1. A different perspective about immigrants

Immigration – Part 2. Give back to Africa its freedom

Immigration –Part 3. immigration is a necessity in the West

Government became the new enemy of small business – Catalonia case study

Violence cannot be fought with more violence – A fundamental lesson for a better future.

Change is the only constant – Trade war and the new Global Economy

Cryptocurrency and Bolckchain Technology

Cryptocurrency – not so different from your normal money

Why I need to know more about Bitcoin?

Blockchain is Revolutionizing the Medical Industry


The Danger of “Thinking Backward” and how it changed my life

The negative aspects of overthinking

Living in the now – concentrating in the moment becomes harder every day

It is not how many times you fall, it is how fast you get up. Make luck your weapon for success

The connection between time and freedom – Part 1

Book reviews

“The utopia of rules” By David Graeber

“The Looting Machine” By Tom Burgis

“Homo Deus” By Yuval Noah Harari

Blue Planet Season 2 – A documentary worth watching (TV Documentary)

“The Dawn of Eurasia” by Bruno Maçães

“Why Nations Fail” By Doran Acemoalu and James A. Robinson

“Manias, Panics and Crashes” by Robert Z. Aliber and Charles P Kindleberger