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We have to power to save democracy – Why the closure of small businesses matters

The strength of a Democracy is measured by its middle class and the amount of small businesses owners operating in it. This social class, created not so long ago, is protecting our social system against the control of the few on the many. The diversity and freedom of the small business owner is important not only for political reasons, it’s is crucial for the preservation of the concept of “free economy”.

A prosperous community built out of many small business owner, gives many advantage and reinforcement to any democratic system. It allows a healthy competition on the customer wallet, it brings to the market a diversity of products, its promotes progress, creates a population of diversify and autonomic individuals and creates job opportunities for all the layers of the population.

Small businesses are the sole of our society and construct our unique street landscape. They represent the vision of an independent and affordable life for the middle class. The economic and political prosperity in the western countries evolving in the last 150 years, is attributed in many ways to the creation of such a middle class.

small businesses are democracy

The development of the last years has brought to the closure of many of these businesses, sending entire families to join the unemployment pool. This phenomenon can be observed in many cities in Europe. It doesn’t require deep study for confirmation, one can just go out to look at the streets around him and try to remember what stores were there 3-5 years ago. The recent evolution of our society is very troubling, as it is representing a serious crackdown in our middle-class status.

This concerning trend is led by the numerous aspects. All representing a separate factor in the slow but sure mechanism promoting the separation between the small powerful elite and the rest of the population. The entry of international cooperation’s, the augmentation of bureaucratic and taxes by local governments and the rise of real estate prices are all good examples.

It is not a secret that the economic situation of the majority of the countries of Europe in not good at its best. The amount of national depth of the majority of the countries is extremely high, while the capacity of the union to stay attractive for investors in the global market is diminishing every year. Those are not good reasons to sacrifices our democracy and middle class.

support small businesses

The French president Mr Marcon has said recently: “I don’t want to belong to a generation of sleepwalkers that has forgotten its own past”, maybe he has a point. It is the responsibility of our government to protect its population and democracy. They need to do so by promoting the well-being of the small businesses and block the international cooperation’s and regulate the investors.

We have a different responsibility, which is not less important. We should promote and protect the small businesses around us. Many times, we feel to small to create a change, this time we can. It does not require massive manifestation or grandiose act of scarifies. It just requires an aware and caring population that will consciously buy and consume from these local stores and family businesses. The democracy and economy of our cities is in our hands. Not metaphorically, but practically.

If you want to help creating a better future, you have the power to do so. The future of our democracy depends on each one of us. Help me promote this massage and share with me your opinion.

Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.

Join other conversation and learn more about how to create a better world.

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